Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Hollywood Tale

It was another perfect Southern California day--the kind that much of the world envies as they await the snowmelt and a thawing of the ground, while longing for signs of spring. It was early March and the diffused sun cast long afternoon shadows. The air was hovering just under 80 degrees when the mail truck arrived just as it had on any other day.

But the delivery of an ordinary box on this ordinary day would prove to yield extraordinary contents. The parcel contained a pair of red stiletto shoes. They were shiny and fresh but with those zippers, they had a hint of naughty. They were glamorous. They were starlet-material. Anyone who gazed upon her tall, slim heel knew she had that “special something.” And she had just arrived in Hollywood, California USA. Tinseltown—the place where dreams are made. Or the kind of place that if a young pair of nice lookin’ shoes wasn’t careful, a strap could break or worse yet, a heel could be broken.

Might this stop on the international sojourn lead to stardom, money, fame, and thousands of adoring fans? Or might sudden fame lead the paparazzi and celebrity bloggers to hunt these crimson girls down a path of heartache and destruction?

It was time to hit the town and see what it had to offer. Maybe even paint it red.

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