Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Red Shoes Arrive in Kentucky!

Bubba, my mailman, was almost as excited as I was when he placed the white box into my hands. With his crooked smile and southern drawl he exclaimed, "Jeanne, you got them fancy red travelin' shoes you been waitin' on!"

It didn't take long once I returned back to the house to carefully unpack the box. My son Jesse was standing next me curious about the International Traveling Shoes and its story. He watched as I carefully unpacked the box.

Inside the box was a post-it note from Carol Anne with her California address in case the shoes were "lost". Annette, who'd last had the shoes in Wisconsin, placed into the box a little stuffed cow that laughed when I pressed its belly - causing a major ruckus with our dog Beau who wanted to eat it! Also in the box was a flash drive that contained pictures from Annette, and...the famous red shoes, wrapped in a soft leopard material. When I took the shoes out of the box, both Jesse and I noticed they had zippers up the front and on the back heel - they were indeed beautiful shoes! Where would they have the most fun?

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