Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tupelo Welcomes RRS (Really Red Shoes)!

Well, the entire city of Tupelo, Mississippi held an enormous celebration this afternoon when the famous super-red stilettos arrived at Larry Anderson's house!  The U.S. Postal Service spokesperson proclaimed that never in the history of the USPS had there ever been such an anticipated parcel to pass through their quarters.

The lottery is in full swing to see who will actually attempt to don these fancy footwear items.  Long lines have been forming, people have been camping out on the streets for days, and the tourism bureau has had to hire extra workers to handle the flood of people coming into Tupelo just for the revelation of who will get to wear the shoes.  Word on the street has it that the mayor, in his most important official capacity, will be drawing the name of the winning lottery ticket during a public meeting...and countless press outlets are preparing for a flood of news.

Due to the immense popularity of this event, however, all television and cable coverage has been blacked out.  Therefore, people who receive their news via will be the only ones who learn the details of what occurs on this austere occasion.

Since Tupelo is the birthplace of Elvis, representatives of the Elvis Presley Enterprises™ have begged for a chance to see the shoes, because people from all over the world travel to Tupelo just to see those beloved blue suede shoes.  The Elvis representatives promised a full police escort, complete with the motorcycle squad, if the shoes could be taken to the Elvis birthplace shrine for just a quick snapshot.  Financial arrangement negotiations are continuing, but unnamed sources report that Dr. Anderson refuses to reveal how much money he is seeking from the Elvis Presley Enterprises™ just for the privilege of touching these crimson jewels from California.

Details continue to unfold, so stay tuned for further updates.

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