Saturday, February 26, 2011

The shoes enjoyed their first stop at the Castillo de San Marcos, or the Old Fort, as Taylor and I like to call it. On the shoes' VIP tour we special-ordered our Florida sunshine on this 80° afternoon.

As we told the shoes about St. Augustine's history, they were interested in what it must have been like in 1565 when the city was established. We saw the coquina the Spanish used to build the fort, and told the shoes about how confused the British soldiers were when they thought the fort was absorbing their canon balls like a sponge. But of course we explained that it was just an optical illusion!

The red stilettos may have to make a return visit Mrs. McGuire, because every Saturday the Spanish soldiers fire the cannons, and from the top of the Castillo de San Marcos you can often see dolphins playing in the Matanzas River!

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  1. I hope my red stilettos remember all these great stories! I sure wish I were traveling with them!