Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Visiting Ward Hall - Scott County, Kentucky

Inviting my friend and colleague, Artie, to join me on this beautiful day as guides to the International Traveling Shoes, we hopped into the car to visit Ward Hall, the summer home of Richard Mentor Johnson, the 9th Vice-President of America.

Unfortunately, as we trudged up the long driveway, we realized Ward Hall would be closed until April 2, when it re-opened for guests and tours.

Returning back to the car, the shoes decided that since we couldn't take a picture walking up the famous elliptical staircase in this beautiful old mansion, they would settle for a picture with the historical marker.

Artie and I struggled to place the shoes atop the marker in full view of cars honking as we snapped the picture! (And as with any flashy pair of shoes, they gleamed even brighter red with the attention of passing cars honking!)

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